Pilates Mat with the Fit Ball

Presenter: Ofie Dates

Get ready to work, focus and energize! The dynamics of this workshop will focus on the 10 principles of Pilates while adding the fit ball for added resistance and intensity of movement. The ball provides an unstable base of support that heightens awareness of how your body moves in space. The focus will be on form, flow and control using correct biomechanics for three dimensional exploration! The objectives of this workshop are to use the 10 principles of Pilates to concentrate on the BASI mat repertoire while using the ball to challenge the mind and body from the inside out. It will focus on stability and flexibility in all joints and in all ranges of motions allowing the body to be stable and move with efficiency in all functional forms of movement on this unstable surface. This workshop will be using the BASI BLOCK System with precision and flow to illustrate and experience the BASI repertoire utilizing the ball.

Following the workshop will be a 90 minute Pilates with the Ball

Mat class. This invigorating class will challenge your Pilates practice and create a sense of overall well- being! The class will be a mixed level class from the fundamental to the advanced level repertoire immersed with passion and enthusiasm and unique choreography! You will leave feeling revitalized and invigorated!

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