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BASI Live Webinars

A real interactive experience for both the students and the Faculty!

Utilizing Zoom, the popular video conferencing software, BASI Live! Webinars offer a unique and interactive experience for Pilates practitioners. Engaging Faculty present succinct hour-long tutorials on various relevant topics. This is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to further their Pilates journey without the hassle of leaving home.

Some topics covered with BASI Live! Webinars: 

–       Understanding planes and axes

–       Guidelines for breathing

–       Overview of ranges of movement

–       Posture review

–       Understanding neutral pelvis, neutral spine, and how to apply it

–       Reviewing the repertoire from Module 1

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BASI Live! Webinars

BASI Live! Conversations in Commonality - Turning Disability into ABILITY! Part 2 - With Tyrone Pillay

April 28, 2021 Wednesday Online

2:00pm Los Angeles, 5:00pm New York, 10:00PM London, 6:00AM Tokyo

Please join us for Part II of our Conversations in Commonality - Turning Disability into Ability with the amazing Tyrone Pillay, a Paralympic n Gold Medalist from South Africa who has a deep love and appreciation for Pilates.  Rael and Stella, together with Tyrone, will continue the conversation on how Pilates has been a part of Tyrone's training routine. They will discuss and uncover more of how Tyrone has turned his disability into ability, how one strives for the impossible, and most importantly how to apply these ideas in everyday life. April is Mental Health Wellness Month, we focus on Tyrone's story as an inspiration and motivation for all to approach life with an attitude of thankfulness. This is a FREE event however you are welcome to donate to Tyrone Pillay's charity that he supports, entitled Jumping Kids, at check out. Jumping Kids gives children with leg amputations access to the prosthetic tools required to lead full active lives.


Arm work in the BASI Block System

April 21, 2021 Wednesday Online $ 30

9:30am Los Angeles, 12:30pm New York, 5:30pm London, 1:30am Tokyo (April 22), 7:30pm Jerusalem

Arm Work in the BASI Repertoire focuses on the mobility of the shoulder girdle when executing arm work, correct shoulder mechanics, observing range of motion, scapular rhythm, and the connecting factors that deal with the mobility of the thoracic vertebrae and their ability to extend the spine to allow full range of shoulder flexion. This Webinar will focus on that unique connection and understanding the important role arm work has in keeping the back, neck and shoulder healthy.


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Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery

Alexandra Rossopoulou

Day: June 18-20, 2021
Time: Day I-II: 8:00am-11:00am | Day III: 8:00am-12:00pm California

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