Masters of Mind & Body crafted BASI PilaTEAS

It's tea-time for Pilates lovers!

Pilates Master, Rael Isacowitz and Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Shifu Wang Bo joined forces to deliver a perfectly balanced tea blend for the Pilates Lover. The Masters believe the right tea leaves cultivated and harvested in natural ways, help immensely the synthesis of body, mind, and spirit.

In Chinese medicinal practices, tea was harvested mainly as an herbal medicine in the temples. Monks began to use tea also, for its peaceful and calming effects. Today, in our dynamic daily lives, we need to be reminded to rest our bodies, minds, and spirits. BASI PilaTEAS provide the right blend to relax and enjoy the ritual.

BASI PilaTEAS offers five different herbal blends, hand-harvested and developed by master herbalists at the Shaolin Temple. Each box of four individually-wrapped whole herbs was designed for specific health benefits, which include Cleanse & Detox, Immunity, Longevity, Vitality & Energy, and Sleep & Relaxation.

This unique and exceptional BASI PilaTEAS experience can be a euphoria for your life for 30 days for each box

The blend boxes can be ordered directly from Shifu Wang Bo’s website The subscription delivery style is meant to keep the various benefits consistent and readily available. It can be canceled at any time.

You can pick up BASI PilaTEAS at BASI’s new headquarters in Newport Beach and they will soon be available at select BASI Host and Affiliate studios for purchase.


BASI PilTEAS | Rael Isacowitz and Shifu Wang Bo

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