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I approached BASI in 2018, to deepen my knowledge of the method by attending the Comprehensive Global Program in Milan, Italy. The competence of the Faculty has really fascinated me a lot and in their knowledge, I found the scientific confirmations already in my possession due to my studies as a physical therapist. Pilates has all it takes to rehabilitate people after an injury. In particular, thanks to the teachings of Samantha Wood, I am able to set high goals and achieve excellent results with my clients through my work. I always feel motivated to improve as a professional and as a teacher. You really never stop learning.

The BASI Family welcomed me warmly. The availability and humility with which all people support each other and exchange knowledge, continuously analyzing the exercises and discussing them together, really made me think of a condition of self-support, where the knowledge of each one supports and strengthens the other without selfishness or jealousies. Sharing and inclusion are the BASI’s of this worldwide team. I think this is what all people in all disciplines and professions should put in place to improve the world. No barriers at all!

“Driving people to concentration as a way to precision, making them aware of their bodies through the mind-body connection, which is fundamental in Pilates, excites me…and enthusiasm is the driving force behind teaching this discipline with ever greater passion and professionalism !!”

All the best,


Donatella Lezza

Fisioterapista e Idrochinesiterapista

Insegnante Pilates Certificata BASI  e PilatesNetwork


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