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BASI Pilates has changed my life like a magic wand. When I initially started working with dearest Cengiz Han, I learned that I should be feeling BASI Pilates in every inch of my body and that I should have a more positive attitude towards myself. Ever since I tragically lost my entire family, for the first time I felt that I belonged somewhere. I was working alongside people who actually valued me and felt that I always had the support of a huge BASI Pilates family right behind me.

I also met the love of my life, my husband Ertug Akguner through BASI Pilates during our Masters training in Athens. I am now a proud Faculty member. Therefore, now able to share my passion, everything I know, and everything else I am yet to know with others. I am forever grateful to all my inspirational leaders; Rael, Cengiz Han, and of course all my teachers along the way. I have no doubt BASI Pilates will always continue to shape my life.

Warmest regards. Sinem Akguner

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