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Little did I know back in 2016 when I was recovering from a back injury. I was recommended to attend a physio that was also Pilates trained in order to get my rehab sessions up and running. My love relationship with Pilates started then and there. I had a herniated disc at L5-S1, a pain I cannot even describe as going back to that memory makes me cringe to this day. I remember being unable to walk, sit upright, lean forward, clean up after using the toilet, get dressed in the mornings …

Using the Pilates method during my rehab made all the difference, and it hit all my curiosity buttons. I then stumbled upon an incredible BASI-trained instructor at a studio I loved attending and became addicted to her classes, to the method, the flow, and how it made my body feel. Through her sessions, she helped me become strong and mobile, happy and pain-free. Incredible!

Fast forward three years and I told myself, why not learn more? Why not dive deep deeper?

Rocío Dos Santos Arenas

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