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I’m Joel and I’m a professional UPS package car driver. Enough said, right!?
My story starts with my mentor Charlyn H. deAnconia. Practicing pilates for 3 strong years now, I met her at Farmer’s market offering a foot corrector. This was just before my first foot surgery. She tried to convince me this little apparatus would fix the issue. I kindly tried it and said I’ll be back. Looking back now in hindsight I see what she meant.

After a few years and many failures to find a mode of fitness to keep me pain-free, I remembered the Foot Corrector and Charlyn’s studio. I went back. And I was determined to learn the Pilates method. Especially the foot corrector. Proud to say this is my first apparatus.

I’ve been a volunteer at BASI LFTL and loved it. I just got my first private with the maestro Rael— and continue to attend every PMA on the earth. The story goes on.. pilates is strong.


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