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I’m Jennifer Flansburg I finished my graduate program this year in Denver and hope to be certified by 2022! I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA! I am a recently divorced 37-year-old single mom with three young children. My life seemed like a fairy tale- beautiful home, perfect family of five, stay-at-home mother but behind closed doors, my life was not perfect! I tell everyone I know that Pilates not only changed my life, but it SAVED my life! I lived in an incredibly abusive situation with my ex. To escape my not-so-perfect home life, I would “sneak” away to my local Pilates studio every morning at least five days a week for not only physical health but for mental therapy more than anything. My instructors were professional and empathetic towards me, which drew me closer into the Pilates world. Not only was my body transformed into a pillar of strength, but my mind remained healthy and sane during my tumultuous divorce. I am lucky to be alive and a mom to my beautiful children. Pilates made me strong enough to fight back against an abusive husband who was always so much stronger than me! Pilates gave me the confidence to go back out into the world, Pilates gave me the strength to survive. That’s why I chose to become an instructor. Pilates changed my life in such a positive way that I hope to one day help people from similar circumstances. I want to help restore confidence lost and bring strength to people who never thought it possible. Thank you BASI for being my family- I am forever grateful.

💜-Jennifer Flansburg
Colorado Springs, CO

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