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I’m living a brand new, happy life, thanks to you.

Below a few thoughts. I don’t know if my story is interesting to read, but thanks to BASI Pilates I have found my reason for being.

There are no words to express the emotions I felt the first day I met Ilaria Pulidori during my first teacher training course in Torino, Italy: the way she took care of her body while moving, the light in her eyes. That day I ended up crying as I realized where my place was intended to be.

BASI Pilates gave me the chance to dive deep into movements, into my body, into other people’s. Expressing this love while moving attracted enough people in Lugano, Switzerland, to let me live through Pilates, and resigning from my career in finance.

Last year I met Rael Isacowitz in Costa Mesa: the enlightening and most powerful days of my life. His pure light and passion were everywhere in the Academy. I wish I could stay there forever.

I am trying every day to spread this light to my students. I believe that through our way of feeling movements we can change the world little by little, starting from our deepest connections.

Thank you Rael Isacowitz, thank you BASI Pilates.

Forever grateful,

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