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I’m Andy Li from Taiwan. I did BASI Mat teacher training in Berlin in 2018. I study the master’s program of sport & exercise science at the Technical University of Munich now. I would like to share my BASI story. Attached you find the word file of my story. Thanks!

Kind regards,
Andy Li

BASI Pilates inspired my career, connection with people, and engagement in public affairs.
I am Andy Li, a young boy coming from Taiwan to Germany to study for a master’s degree. I came to Germany full of hopes as if I would have a great research project soon and would become an excellent neuroscientist. But it turned out that I was living in my fantasies. Language barriers, bureaucracies, and so different social habits prevented me from reaching my goals strongly. I was forced to think about if I could really finish my program and get a satisfying job later.

2018, the year I was totally lost and close to breakdown. I made a bet. I registered for two fitness teacher training although I had very few amounts left in my bank account. The reason I chose BASI Pilates was simple: I want to have a kinda special skill even though I am just trying to be a fitness trainer! The BASI education demonstrated what expertise is and how professional a fitness trainer can be to me. All the instructors, Mario, Miriam, Natascha, and Monika, displayed different mastery and passions in their own fields. I was so shocked and fascinated by the perfectionism of BASI.

It was a little too high for a guy who just stepped into the world of fitness. I did not pass the practical part of the final exam since my execution of movement was not good enough. But with the knowledge and experience I received in BASI education, I got an internship opportunity. I offered full-body workouts and postural training to dance students. These experiences convinced the department of sports science at the Technical University of Munich to offer me a study place. Right before the start of the semester I joined a training course of functional training offered by my college and received a B-level license in the German system. Now I am doing a master of sport & exercise science in Munich. I have received a lot of inputs from sports studies in my study and many have translational potentials. This year I continued to gain more qualifications. At the moment of writing this post, I am doing the education for trainers of youth sports. I am also a part-time fitness trainer in Munich now.
BASI taught me that we should try our best and focus on a thing, even if it looked nearly impossible to accomplish at the time. Many of my students say my cueing is really clear. But I know I can reach it because I failed sometime before. And thus, I enjoy teaching and interacting with students much. BASI education opened so many possibilities for my life. By working as a fitness trainer, I feel connections with other people. The positive feedback guided me to engage in public services. Now I am also a representative of the international department of the student union!

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