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My story with BASI started with the opening of my transformation veil. I have been having anxiety attacks for a long time and I have been drinking a lot of drugs to overcome them. In order to get out of this cycle of my life, while I was researching breath therapy training, one day, during a conversation with Ertuğ Akgüner, the owner of İzmir BASI Pilates Host Studio, he told me about a training that I would find my answer to all these problems. During the first module I found myself in, my husband was waiting for me downstairs from the training center because of my fear and panic, so I am sure I don’t need to explain how painful my situation was. At the end of the 3rd day, when I was talking about the instructors, the studio temperature, I was drawn to the subjects. When I returned to my city, I was able to travel alone and participate in education with peace of mind at the beginning of the second module. Every time I went for my internship period, I realized that I was living again and felt endlessly how on the right track I was. I would like to thank the BASI Pilates Family, who have had a great impact on me reintegrating. I wish this post
might inspire anyone who crosses my path.

Love, Melike Karakızan


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