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I am still so excited.. my life has changed as I have something I tell my high school students no one can take from you-Certificate of achievement (what will forever be in your Brain).

The BASI Pilates certificate I was too excited to receive, and it blew my mind for months/still does; I was actually honored and directed to now teach ANYWHERE I wanted!!!

Since then I wanted to work for myself; teach people in my own words and to share how I learned it with my voice, my body type (black woman) and my view- everyone should and needs movement-THIS kind of movement-non intrusive, no judgements-no more Hating the feeling or THAT feeling just you and WHAT YOU PUT INTO BASI-you will get out of BASI with side notes of Wunda Chair and the Magic Circle.

I walk differently and am willing to stretch out wings of knowledge in the meantime picking up what others know but remaining in the FUNDAMENTALS realm (mode) with ADVANCED MOVES. I teach the Foundations waiting and wading for Advanced circumstances.

I am now honored to teach at a Lagree studio BASI PILATES moves. I teach a Foundations class with BASI moves intertwined with certified Lagree moves.

I dream still to have my own studio that I can certify others in BASI-teach others to teach others how to… each one teach one (what I use in the high school classroom).

BASI has changed my life in a sense of the last accident I got in I went to physical therapy for tips (?) I told him I was a BASI instructor and the tune was us working side by side with back, neck and knee pain. I let him know I was frustrated at the time it was taking me to heal and he laughed and shook his head and said this will be and seems like this is a fast recovery. BASI is confidence, connections and TRUTH-

I love telling the story of Joseph when I call out the names of moves (elephant) it all leads to the Story of Joseph while doing the hundred or back extension/SWAN with the Magic Circle.

Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I am more than honored and first and foremost BLESSED.

The Scholarship was presented to me over the phone by Real and Stella- there was a climb ( motherhood) but since then a seamless, eye opening, learning, love journey-


Tamara Newton-Pele

1 Corinthians 9:24 ( Run the race to Win)

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