Auditing BASI Pilates Teacher Training

Why Audit?

Auditing is key to revitalizing your Pilates practice and to sharpening your teaching skills. It is an essential part of the learning process, refreshing the BASI repertoire and theory without the stress of being a student.

Anyone can Audit!

We encourage BASI graduates and current students to audit as many modules as they want. Auditing allows you to deepen your understanding of the practice and to gain clarity on those unanswered questions you may have had during the program.

Auditing is also open to prospective students who just want to learn more about the BASI Method.

We are forever students and what better way to be a student than to revisit the BASI Method?

There are no restrictions on how many and which modules you can audit.

Mat Program $100 USD/ Module
Comprehensive Programs (US) $200 USD/ Modlue
*Comprehensive Global Program $200 USD/ Module
ProBridge Programs (US) $300 USD/Module
ProBridge Global $300 USD/ Module
Dance Specialization Programs Not Eligible

*Auditing fees for the Comprehensive Global Program in Australia is $250 USD per module. *

*Auditing fees for the Comprehensive Global Intensive Programs is $150 USD per module. *

Discounts are available only to BASI graduates and current students who wish to repeat all modules of their program. Please call BASI HQ at 1 (949) 574-1343 to register and to receive your discount!

BASI Pilates will apply the paid audit price of the module to the total tuition price of the program, if a prospective student registers for the entire Program.

All Auditing fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable

Course Materials

The course materials are not included in any auditing program. The study guides and workbooks are available for purchase. You must be a BASI graduate or current student to purchase the study guide(s). Please contact BASI HQ at 1 (949) 574-1343 as it is not available through our website.

Workbooks are available separately or as a set. Students may purchase workbooks through our website, or E-mail us.