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The Form and Function (F2) System (TWO HOUR)

Presenters: Brandon Douglas Gamble

BASI Pilates provides the world's only training on the radically new F2 System

Designed by BASI founder Rael Isacowitz, the F2 System is a contemporary interpretation of Joseph Pilates’ classic equipment, with significant physiological, biomechanical and ergonomic enhancements. The evolutionary F2 retains all the functionality of the original pieces, with additional dimensions and versatility.

Specifically, the F2’s unique and highly-adjustable resistance mechanism multiplies the available resistance options and provides highly-accurate angles of resistance, thus promoting greater and more precise strength gains. Likewise, the new designs, such as the wider and rounder parabolic curve on the Step Barrel, are far more comfortable for the user and prevent undue stress on the body.

"The positions, support and stability provided by the F2 chair are wonderful for those who have limitations. It is now possible for patients to do exercises that were previously unavailable to them on other Pilates equipment. A whole new repertoire has opened up for these patients and they love it!" Samantha Wood,Physical Therapist, The Cypress Center

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BASI Pilates provides regular workshops on the F2 System. F2 learning aids (a movement analysis workbook with 67 exercises and two DVDs) are available from the BASI store.

Unique features

  • The F2 System works every region of the body, in every position and in every range of motion;
  • Both the resistance and the angle of resistance can be adjusted incrementally and accurately, over a very wide range, to suit differing body dimensions and to target specific muscles.
  • Resistance has been added to the Step Barrel and the Box, adding a new universe of possibilities for each piece;
  • The F2 Resistance Notation method (also known as the Key,) the first universal standardization of spring settings, allows exact settings to be easily documented and precisely repeated.

Explore what the F2 System can do for you.

*The F2 System is only taught at studios that own the F2 equipment.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Sep 17, 2022 - Sep 17, 2022

Triune Pilates LLC

2425-33rd Avenue West A2, Seattle, United States of America, 98199, Washington


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