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For many students, a BASI teacher training program is the first step towards a new career. We at BASI take that responsibility very seriously.

The Careers section is designed to help BASI graduates find jobs and run successful businesses or careers. We have observed countless instances of BASI people assisting each other and working together for the good of all.

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Location Job Type Start Date

Part-Time Pilates Instructor

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Part Time 03/04/2015

Pilates Instructor for Classes and Privates

San Leandro, CA Part Time 03/03/2015

Seasonal Pilates Instructor

Nantucket Island Full Time 03/01/2015

Pilates Instructor

La Habra, CA Contract 02/20/2015

Club Pilates Torrance

Torrance, CA 90505 Part Time 02/19/2015

Pilates instructor

Fairfax/Fairoaks VA Full Time 02/07/2015

Pilates Instructor

Body Dynamic Physical Therapy Los Gatos, CA Contract 02/06/2015