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For many students, a BASI teacher training program is the first step towards a new career. We at BASI take that responsibility very seriously.

The Careers section is designed to help BASI graduates find jobs and run successful businesses or careers. We have observed countless instances of BASI people assisting each other and working together for the good of all.

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Location Job Type Start Date

Private Pilates instructor Needed in Boutique SM Gym!

Elevate Physical Therapy & Fitness, Santa Monica Part Time 03/24/2017

Pilates Instructor

Fullerton and/or Brea Full Time 03/24/2017

Pilates Instructor

Culver City Part Time 03/23/2017


Oceanside, CA Contract 03/22/2017

Pilates Instructor

Orange, Ca Part Time 03/21/2017

Pilates Instructor

Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach Part Time 03/20/2017


Century City, Los Angeles Part Time 03/20/2017

Pilates Instructor

Tualatin (Portland), Oregon Part Time 03/19/2017

Certified Full Apparatus Pilates Instructor

Naperville, IL Part Time 03/18/2017

Pilates Instructor

Chicago/Park Ridge/Oak Park Part Time 03/17/2017

Comprehensive Apparatus Pilates Instructor

Ventura, CA Full Time 03/15/2017

Pilates/Yoga Instructor needed

Aimco Contract 03/14/2017

Pilates Instructor - Rental Opportunity

Corona del Mar, CA 03/14/2017

Pilates Instructor

Ashburn, VA Full Time 03/09/2017

Pilates Teacher

Los Angeles, CA Part Time 03/09/2017

Pilates Instructor

Cary, NC Contract 03/07/2017

Certified Pilates Instructor

Baltimore, MD Full Time 03/07/2017

BASI Pilates Instructor- Independent Contractor

BASI Studio, Costa Mesa CA Part Time 03/05/2017

Reformer Instructor

East Greenbush, NY Part Time 03/02/2017

Certified Pilates Instructor

2714 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97035 Part Time 02/28/2017

Pilates Instructor

Frisco, Texas 02/28/2017