patricia kabalaoui

Budayia, BHR
patricia kabalaoui

1980-1993 Grew up in Brazil,  was very engaged in swimming, Ballet, Jazz Dancing.  Attended and studied Dance and Physical Education in multiple dance schools in NY, CA and Hawaii USA. 

1994 Met my second half in Hawaii , and Moved to Saudi Arabia with my newlywed husband, Fady Kabalaoui who is civil Engineer and has been a managing partner in construction and contracting firms.

1995-2004 While In Saudi Arabia, I developed, “The Dance Jazz Company”, providing a program dedicated to teaching Children and Teens, the principles of General Fitness, Jazz, and Ballet Dance.   

2001-2003 Taught Dance for the High School Students at the Dhahran Academy, KSA.  This is the certified DOD school for all the American citizens living in the Eastern Province in KSA

2000 Received AFAA in Group Fitness and Pilates Mat (Mat Science at the Time) through AFAA . And integrated all my classes with introducing and teaching the basic of Pilates.

2004-2011 The family moved to Bahrain in 2004, Where I established and ran my own dance and fitness programs for both children to teens at World Beat Fitness Center,  along with teaching multiple  Mat and Ball Pilates classes.

2009-2011 Graduated from Basi CTTC in 2009 . Taught Private Mat and Equipment classes in my own small home studio, equiped with Balanced Body apparatus and accessories. And Group Mat classes in Word Beat center..

2010-2011 Received the complete course Certifications in “Touch for Health 1,2,3&4  in  Kinesiology.

2009 Attended  Athens’s Symposium workshop with Rael Isacowitz, Elizabeth Larkan and Tracy Mallet in 2009.

2010-2012 Attended “Passing the Torch”, Mentor , Master and Master Reunion with Rael Isacowitz

2011-2012 Attended Pre-Natal and Post-Natal workshop with Carolyne Anthony 2011-2012.

May 2011, I formed a partnership with my husband Fady Kabalaoui and established my studio Equilibrium Fitness center, a  Boutique Health & FitnessCenter specializing in providing private / group Mat and Equipment Pilate Classes.  

We hosted the first BASI CTTC in Bahrain in 2013