Theo Van Der Riet

Theo van der Riet Theo van der Riet is one of two principal instructors for Body Arts and Science International and owner of Body Intellect, an internationally recognized Pilates studio in Pretoria, South Africa. Her studio is also the headquarters for Body Arts and Science International in South Africa. Theo has taught Pilates around the world, in the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong, London and Namibia. In 2001, she worked at the On Centre Conditioning Studio in Southern California, which is run by master teacher, Rael Isacowitz. Theo continues to train with Rael and to consult for him all over the globe. She earned her Bachelor of Education degree in dance at the Pretoria Technikon, where she combined her love of sports, dance and Pilates. While she instructs the general population in Pilates, during the last eight years, she has developed a large following among sports professionals, such as rugby players, and dancers. In addition, she often assists medical professionals in rehabilitating injured individuals. Most recently, Theo trains students to become internationally certified in the Pilates method