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BASI Pilates Studio, Beirut

BASI Pilates Studio, Beirut

Naccache Main Road, Floor M, Beirut, Lebanon

9(617) 085-5234


BASI Pilates Academy, Beirut, in Lebanon, was founded by Sandy Razzouk in July 2016.

A passion for improvement of athletic performance and rehabilitation led Sandy to Pilates.

Sandy began her Pilates career in 2012. Sandy’s sporting background helps her to get fit people to a higher level in their performance while understanding their body more. Sandy was an athlete in martial arts (taekwondo, thai boxing and self-defense), she practiced Pilates as a tool to help her improve her movement and body awareness.

Sandy Razzouk is a BASI certified instructor who is very precise in the way of teaching and who helps her clients get the most mentally and physically out of a Pilates session.

Body Engineering Studio offers classes/sessions to suit all clients with body conditioning objective or rehabilitation objective.

We have a clean and open environment that allows clients and teachers to get concentrated and in the right ambiance as they are practicing Pilates. The best way for beginners to start is with Private Sessions.

Body Engineering Studio includes 4 reformer beds for reformer group class, 1 wunda chair and 1 spine corrector for private sessions, and 6 mats for mat sessions.

We also help our clients to have more knowledge about the healthy lifestyle through having a small library where clients can borrow educational books (about nutrition, anatomy and healthy lifestyle).

BASI Pilates Studio, Beirut

Naccache Main Road, Floor M, Beirut, Lebanon

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9(617) 085-5234


All our instructors are graduates of the BASI Pilates Academy and are highly experienced in working with the full spectrum of population groups, ages and physical needs.

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