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Pilates & More Studio In Nosnerland 30 Traun, A-4050, AUT http://www.weilguni.eu/
BASI Pilates


A special kind of body workout. The focus is on joint centering and body stabilization. The goal is to optimize the balance between stretching and strengthening of the muscles. The exercises strengthen the back and center of the body, stabilize the pelvis, strengthen the muscles and joints of the entire body and align them ideally in the body. The focus is on the quality of movement in a calm river with the breath.

Training is on the mat and on the Pilates equipment. Pilates promotes strength, flexibility, concentration, balance, stability and coordination. Pilates compensates for imbalances in the muscles and makes the body strong, flexible and supple. Pilates is a holistic body workout that contributes to optimizing the performance of competitive and recreational athletes, makes sense of gentle rehabilitation after injury and is a highly varied workout for all fitness enthusiasts.

Working out

The exercises on the devices provide excellent control over the interaction of the trunk muscles and extremities. The equipment training opens up new dimensions of functional training and offers a variety of exercises. There are ideal opportunities to recognize and improve limiting body and posture patterns. Muscular imbalances are recognized and can be specifically compensated. All joints are gently strengthened and stretched, resulting in increased performance in terms of mobility, strength, muscle balance, coordination and stability. The equipment: Reformer, Chair, Step Barrel, Wall Unit, Loop Pilates, Arc Barrel, Magic Circle.

What can you achieve with Pilates

Sustainable strengthening of the entire musculoskeletal system A stable body center More agility Strengthening connective tissue (FASCIENTS) Performance increase in other sports Reduction of muscle tension Mental relaxation Prevention of postural damage Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles Matt training

The exercises on the mat are the basis of the Pilates method. Here, one's own body is trained against gravity without aids and movements are carried out in a controlled manner. It requires a high level of strength, stability, coordination and concentration.

The mats lessons in the group take place in small groups up to max. 8 participants. This ensures individual and intensive support and promotes personal development. The mat training perfectly complements the equipment training, but is also as a separate unit an optimal training for the whole body.

Small equipment for mat training: Magic Circle, Pilates role, flex band, dumbbells, large gym ball, small Pilates ball, balance pillows, fascia balls, fascia role ...

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