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The Physio Pilates Studio
The Physio Pilates Studio 29 Khyber Pass Road Grafton, Auckland, 1023, NZL http://physiopilates.co.nz/
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BE YOUNGER FOR LONGER The Physio Pilates studio embraces the essence of what Pilates offers in a comprehensive way combining both the clinical experience of our rehabilitation team, with the fitness and movement experience of our instructors.

The experienced instructors at the studio can individually tailor exercises to suit you and the variety of exercise available using the equipment is amazing. The moving surfaces and varying resistances of the equipment means the exercises can be taken to a more advanced level for increased challenge and enjoyment or made easier by providing assistance when necessary. Be treated under the care of registered Physiotherapists with additional manual therapy as required.

Our aim is to give you an enjoyable movement experience which heightens body awareness and helps you move your body more efficiently with greater ease and grace.

OUR PHILOSOPHY The physio pilates studio honours Joseph Pilates philosophy of promoting ‘Preventative Health and Well Being’. We aim to help you keep your body moving through its maximal range of movement, rather than waiting till you need treatment for aches and pains that have often crept up over a long period of time.

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The Physio Pilates Studio

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