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Breathe Pilates Studio
Breathe Pilates Studio 25236 Grogans Park Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA http://www.breathepilatesstudio.net (6)
BASI Pilates


At Breathe Pilates Studio, our teachers will get to know you. We welcome you when you arrive and will do everything possible to make your visits with us as productive as possible. The link between personal connection, attention and motivation is key in achieving your goals!

Our classes are designed to realign your body, tone and strengthen your physique, and leave you with a calm mind. Small group classes create an inviting atmosphere and allow for true one-on-one attention. Our studio welcomes all levels from those just starting an exercise regimen to the extreme athlete looking to fine-tune their workouts or rehab an injury.

Our Pilates classes uses the BASI PILATES® method, which is a contemporary and progressive approach to the original Pilates exercise method. BASI Pilates incorporates modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making BASI Pilates one of the safest and most effective Pilates methods available, BASI Pilates has the highest standards for training and certification within the Pilates industry. BASI Pilates focuses on maintaining, or regaining, an ideal postural alignment.

“Physical fitness is the first prerequisite of happiness” -Joseph Pilates

Services Rates

  1. Private Session

    Private sessions are tailored to suit your specific goals and needs – utilizing the Pilates mat & specialized equipment repertoire. Pilates “Core” based movement allows a unique whole body experience of discovery and awareness, while strengthening, toning & increasing flexibility.

    1. Private Session $75

    2. Package of 6 Privates $420

    3. Package of 12 Privates $780

  2. Semi Private Sessions

    Semi-Private includes 2 to 3 individuals that are skill level compatible, having completed the required experience of private instruction. This session is guided by one instructor and is still tailored to the needs and goals of the clients. Class is suited to the individual goals and needs of participants. Not recommended for injury related special needs.

    1. Semi-Private Session/person $55

    2. Semi-Private Sessions Package of 6 $300/person

    3. Semi-Private Sessions Package of 12 $540/person

  3. Group Class (Equipment)

    The Group Class Series provides a great opportunity for the dedicated Pilates student to maintain a consistent Pilates training program. This series offers an intimate, focused, fluid and balanced full-body workout taught by trained Pilates professionals to address the goals of the students enrolled. Space is limited to 5 clients.

    1. Group Class $35

    2. Package of 6 Group Classes $180

    3. Package of 12 Group Classes $300

    4. Package of 18 Group Classes $360

  4. Non-Equipment Group Classes

    Mat, Barre and Total Body Conditioning

    1. Single Class $15


    Upcoming BASI Programs

Program Dates Modules  
Foundation 02/21/2020 - 03/22/2020

6 Modules

Mat 02/21/2020 - 03/22/2020

6 Modules


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