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Body Balancing Pilates
Body Balancing Pilates 211 N Clinton, Suite 2N Chicago, IL 60661, USA http://www.bodybalancingpilates.com/
BASI Pilates


Body Balancing Pilates is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Private and duet sessions are offered by BASI Senior Faculty, Sondra Karman, as well as BASI trained instructors in a studio furnished with a full range of BASI Systems equipment.

As a client, you will work with your instructor in individualized goal-oriented sessions to stabilize your core, realign your posture, and create greater flexibility as you build strength throughout your entire body. Every session is designed to challenge your fitness while taking your breathing and body awareness to the next level.

At Body Balancing Pilates, we know that Pilates is not about the amount of resistance you use or the repetitions you do; it’s about performing the exercises with controlled and properly aligned form to achieve maximum effectiveness. We will work together as a team to help you achieve your goals so you can become the best version of yourself.

Services Rates

  1. PRIVATE SESSIONS - BASI Senior Faculty

    One on one session with BASI Senior Faculty Sondra Karman

    1. $100/ hour session

    2. $80/ hour session

      Private session with BASI certified instructor

    3. $55/ client duet session

      Duet session with BASI certified instructor

  2. DUET SESSIONS - BASI Senior Faculty

    Duet Sessions with BASI Senior Faculty, Sondra Karman, will utilize the BASI Systems Reformer, Cadillac and Chair for a comprehensive body workout.

    1. $75/ single session per person


    Taught by knowledgable BASI Instructors

    1. $80/ single session


    Taught by knowledgable BASI Instructors

    1. $50/ single session per person


    Body Gears physical therapists are highly trained professionals, experts at uncovering the root cause of your symptoms, meeting your physical challenge with a solution that allows your body to function at its full potential. Our therapists are ‘PT Geeks’, taking five times more continuing education classes than required and thoroughly reviewing the research on countless interventions. We collaborate as an integrated unit, discussing clients’ conditions long after clinic hours and working together to perform multiple techniques simultaneously for greater effect. Body Gears physical therapists address each patient individually, working one-on-one and in collaboration with fellow therapists to identify the source of pain, physical limitations, and structural issues. We see each challenge as an opportunity to provide patients with answers they can’t find elsewhere, giving them specific skills to address injuries and limitations, and returning them to a highly functional state, often better than before their issues began.


      We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to contact your insurance company for your specific benefits. We verify your physical therapy benefits as a courtesy, and we will communicate this information prior to your first appointment. You will also be given a copy of your quote of benefits at your first appointment. Please note that the benefits quote provided comes directly from your insurance company and is not a guarantee of payment. Please contact our billing office at 877-709-1090 to speak with one of our helpful staff members for further information regarding this topic.


    Upcoming BASI Programs

Program Dates Modules  
Graduate (US) 02/07/2020 - 03/15/2020

6 Modules

Foundation (US) 04/24/2020 - 05/31/2020

6 Modules

Mat 04/24/2020 - 05/31/2020

6 Modules

Graduate (US) 07/31/2020 - 09/13/2020

6 Modules


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Body Balancing Pilates

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