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BASI Shinjuku
BASI Shinjuku 7-8-13-5F Tokyo, 160-0023, JPN http://www.basipilates.jp/studioInfo/shinjuku.php
BASI Pilates


Hello! Welcome to BASI Pilates Shinjuku Studio. Thank you for coming to the introduction page of Shinjuku Studio

from among many Pilates studio . Do you have "time to face your own body" in your daily life? At BASI Pilates studio, we provide a place where you can meet real persons for everyone who plays a role in society such as company, family. For everyone who is working as a hobby from professional people such as stiff shoulder stiffness, back pain, worry from daily body fatigue, by taking advantage of the specialty studio , everyone in the true meaning of mind and body We are welcoming you for the opportunity to get. I would like to constantly explore, learn, and communicate to everyone, the whole health, Whole Body Health . Experienced, smile full of personality, friendly staff are waiting for you! BASI Pilates Studio Shinjuku Store What kind of pilates lessons do you have? Mat Group Lessons We have a wealth of classes. I will create a sense of unity in the studio regardless of experience. ② Private Lessons Using Machines We will encourage exercises in a shape that is tailored to the individual body condition so that you can participate with peace of mind for anyone.

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BASI Shinjuku

7-8-13-5F Tokyo, 160-0023, JPN Directions
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