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Anatomy Club
Anatomy Club Kutuzovsky Ave, 36, building 51 Moscow, 121170, RUS http://www.anatomyclub.com/
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One day you realize that you need a really good specialist, a professional trainer and a movement therapist who can not only “build muscles”, “make press dice” or “lose weight”, but also with jeweler's precision will help get rid of back pain, improve difficulty in movement, prepare for childbirth or restore after them, adjust the posture and balance of muscles, help rehabilitate after injury.

In September 2015, the new studio of personal training “Anatomy” opened for you, where professional trainers and specialists in movement correction work with you.

We are creating a new format of personal fitness, free from flow-patterned schemes of working with people. In "Anatomy" you will find an individual approach to your body, your movement history, you will have the opportunity to realize your goals and improve yourself without harm to health.

Each coach of "Anatomy" was certified according to Russian and international standards. Each carries a deep knowledge of the functioning of the human body, a unique experience and school, and willingly shares this knowledge.

You are free to choose training directions. In "Anatomy" you will find first-class training equipment and comfortable conditions for the most popular modern fitness areas.


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Pilates Through Pregnancy 03/20/2020 - 03/22/2020

3 Modules

Comprehensive Global 03/27/2020 - 06/21/2020

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Anatomy Club

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