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Aalaya Pilates
Aalaya Pilates Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Level 2, Unit X-214, Jalan New Delhi no.9 Jakarta Pusat, 10270, IDN http://www.aalayapilates.com/
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Living well in modern life requires strength, and an understanding of your body and how to look after it. Achieve this at Aalaya Pilates and you’ll be empowered to live the life the way you want. Aalaya Pilates is a boutique pilates studio located at Plaza Senayan Arcadia that offers a wide range of international standard pilates classes. Modern life is made easy when you can power through it with a certain kind of strength - a core, inner, strength. This is a way of life we work to experience with you.

Services Rates

  1. 3 Introductory Private Classes

    Ready to try us out? a special deal just for you. This a starter package for all new clients of the studio. These one-on-one series of classes will establish the foundation of your pilates practice. As pilates is all about building core or inner strength and needs to come from all the right places, we at the studio take this opportunity to learn about your relevant medical history, assess your posture and muscular imbalances, current fitness level as well as to go over your personal goals. You’ll be able to try out the equipment and mat classes. Then a personalised programme can be created for you to work through. Once you’ve finished these introductory classes, you can continue to build strength with a mat class, enter into semi-private class or continue with more private classes - it’s up to you!

  2. Private Class

    Only one person, you, per hour In these classes sessions are tailored especially for your needs and goals. These are the classes to do if you want to see results fast. In these classes you can receive the full attention of the teacher over the course of one hour - so all moves and techniques are assessed and adapted as you’re doing them. Whether you’re new to pilates, recovering from an injury, or an elite athlete, our instructors will guide you to achieve your strength dreams. This class can be booked around your schedule.

  3. Semi Private Class

    A semi-private class, maximum 3 people per hour In these classes you can continue on a personalised program at your own pace, with almost one on one attention. We keep track of your progress with close observation and can still amend your programme along the way according to how you’re doing. This is a more social class as you’ll be doing it with maximum two other people, you can motivate each other. The class sizes are kept small to ensure attention to detail and constant communication and guidance.

  4. Duet Class

    A duet class comprises of 2 people per hour This is a great opportunity to work synchronously with someone (a friend, family member or partner) who is at a similar pilates level to you. We can motivate you both while you progress faster because it’s almost the same as doing a private class.

  5. Group Reformer Class

    Maximum of 3 people per class. A dynamic, challenging and ever changing work out. Reformer provides finely tuned resistance with a series of springs and ropes. Reformer group class build strength without " bulking-up", increases flexibility, fitness and agility, and develops optimal core control. This is a synchronised class.

  6. Matwork Class

    Maximum 8 people per hour We keep our mat classes small, so that we can give enough attention to each and every one of you. Our mat classes are taught with a maximum of 8 people per hour. In these classes we will be your guide through structured mat routines. We’ll often use small props, such as rollers, weights, bands, or balls, integrated into the class to push you. We also offer prenatal mat class. Please see our pre and postnatal for more information. You may be required to complete the introductory private classes prior to joining a mat class. We ask you that you book the suitable level for you, if in doubt of your level, please ask one of our teachers for an assessment. Level 1 - For those who are new to pilates. The instructor will take time to explain exercises so each client knows how to execute the movement in a safe manner. Clients are challenged by working on the Fundamental exercises in Pilates in a deep and connected manner. Level 2 - Class is tailored to the more experienced clients. Clients will continue to work on Level 1 exercises while more advanced exercises will be introduced and integrated. Clients are expected to know Level 1 exercises and are challenged by a class that flows. Level 3 - An advanced class that will challenge the client with flow, focus, concentration, control and stamina. The client must be injury free and able to do Level 2 classes.

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Aalaya Pilates

Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Level 2, Unit X-214, Jalan New Delhi no.9 Jakarta Pusat, 10270, IDN Directions
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