1. Keeping it in the Family
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    Keeping it in the Family

    Maintaining the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original body of work while meeting the needs of modern society can be a delicate balance. BASI Pilates Founder Rael Isacowitz shows you how to stay grounded in your roots—while keeping your more distant relatives well within reach.

  2. BASI Pilates Celebrates Pilates Day
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    BASI Pilates Celebrates Pilates Day

    We’re starting our World Pilates Day celebrations early here at BASI, with great discounts on a variety of BASI Pilates Apparel and BASI Systems equipment. On Pilates Day, Saturday, May 5th we’ll be hosting a special class in our new home here in Newport Beach. Happy World Pilates Day, everyone! Basi Team

  3. Welcome Home
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    Welcome Home

    I feel like I have come home! I absolutely love our new BASI academy and studio. Certainly owning the building has a lot to do with it, but it is beyond that. This building, from the moment I walked in, emanated peace, calm and just felt like me.

  4. We're moving!
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    We're moving!

    Come and enjoy the unparalleled BASI experience in our magnificent new home – together we can lead the world of Pilates in the art and science of human movement and innovation.