1. Why the Swan?
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    Why the Swan?

    It’s hard to believe how quickly our posture can degenerate. The good news is one simple Pilates exercise can help to alleviate postural discomforts and actually help to strengthen the entire posterior body, while stretching the anterior body. That exercise is the Swan.

  2. Yes, You Can Find Time to Work Out
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    Yes, You Can Find Time to Work Out

    Lao Tzu said, “Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’" I can guarantee that you will find the time to do something, if it’s really important to you. So, is working out important to you?

  3. Pilates: My Asana of Choice
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    Pilates: My Asana of Choice

    After dozens and dozens of sun salutations, I started to have pain in my hips. Excruciating, I-can’t-walk-without- pain, pain. The doctor’s diagnosis? Torn labrums on both sides. I was devastated but determined to heal.

  4. The Benefits of Pilates
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    The Benefits of Pilates

    It's no secret by now that Pilates offers a pretty long list of amazing benefits. We hear it all the time from new clients coming in: "I heard Pilates was good for me," or "My doctor said I should do Pilates." We are happy to report that the rumors are true—Pilates is indeed good for you and your doctor was right.