1. 10 Ways to Prevent Coronavirus at the Studio
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    10 Ways to Prevent Coronavirus at the Studio

    Your health and safety are our top priority, and we'd like to emphasize that at BASI Academy & Studio we are ALWAYS following best practices to ensure our studio is clean and sanitary. However, in the wake of the global COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we are taking additional precautions to help keep you safe and healthy. We appreciate your help in keeping our studio clean and safe for everyone. Whether you're coming to BASI Academy & Studio, or any other studio environment, please follow these 10 tips and recommendations for healthy hygiene and sanitation.

  2. BASI LFTL 2020 Updates
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    BASI LFTL 2020 Updates

    This year's BASI Learn From The Leaders conference will be held at three different exciting locations around the world! Have you registered yet? Here are the latest updates on each of the BASI LFTLs for 2020.

  3. Australia Fundraiser Mat Class Highlights
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    Australia Fundraiser Mat Class Highlights

    If there's one thing that means more to us than anything, it's family. When we heard about the devastating bushfires in Australia, we decided to pull together to help our BASI Australia family and coordinate a fundraiser to contribute to the fire relief efforts.

  4. See you at the PMA!
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    See you at the PMA!

    We'll be at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance all week long in beautiful Monterey, California!