1. A Look into the Mentor Program
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    A Look into the Mentor Program

    There is something unique and exciting about every Mentor Program, the first step of the BASI Legacy Program. There was something truly special about the June 2018 Mentor Program. It was the first to be held at BASI HQ’s new and permanent home and this marked Rael’s return to teaching after a 5 month break. Karyn Lau was a student in the June 2018 Mentor Program and she shares her feelings about the experience.

  2. Pilates: The Key to Avoiding Sports Hernia
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    Pilates: The Key to Avoiding Sports Hernia

    If your sport involves a lot of intense twisting or abrupt changes of direction, then you may be at risk of getting sports hernia. Also known as athletic pubalgia, this extremely painful condition occurs when the soft tissue of the groin or lower abdomen tears during bouts of intense physical exertion. In some cases, rest, medication and rehabilitation are enough to fix the problem. Unfortunately, more serious cases usually require surgery. The good news, however, is that Pilates not only helps prevent the condition, but also helps patients recover from it faster.

  3. Mother's Day Blog Series
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    Mother's Day Blog Series

    For the month of May BASI Pilates honors mothers and the lasting legacy they create in the lives of those around them. Read 3 incredible stories about "BASI Mamas" and how they shared their love of movement and therir love of Pilates with their families. Enjoy!

  4. Pilates runs in the Family
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    Pilates runs in the Family

    Working within the studio under my Mother’s “shadow” came with its own set of challenges for us both. I now laugh at the thought: my Mom was my boss, lecturer, examiner, mentor, landlord and still playing the role of Mother. Mom says she was tougher on me than anyone else to make sure that I reached more than my full potential. I am always inspired by my Mom’s vast knowledge, her passion for movement and love to make a positive difference in her clients and students’ lives