1. Learn From the Leaders South Africa #LFTL2018
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    Learn From the Leaders South Africa #LFTL2018

    BASI Pilates South Africa is proud to host the ever famous and popular LEARN FROM THE LEADERS Symposium in 2018 on African soil. This is the ultimate in Pilates education you can ever sign up for! Six days of TOTAL IMMERSION (37 HOURS) into the fascinating world of Pilates and beyond. We warmly invite the GLOBAL Pilates community and the BASI Pilates family from all over the world to join us in South Africa for this epic event.

  2. 25% Off BASI Systems
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    25% Off BASI Systems

    25% Discount on select BASI Systems Pilates Equipment! We are moving to a new home shortly and wanted to offer you the opportunity to purchase slightly used BASI Systems Equipment Offer expires March 10, The campaign is only for US domestic

  3. BASI Pilates Retreats 2018
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    BASI Pilates Retreats 2018

    2 life changing retreats in 1 year. 2018 is an exciting year for BASI Pilates and Pilates Retreat. Live your Pilates and enjoy an intimate retreat with Rael Isacowitz in his backyard during The Art of Life and Movement retreat and for the first time ever BASI Pilates is offering it's Mat Teacher Training program in a retreat setting. Enjoy this intensive training in beautiful Portugal and Thailand.

  4. Happy New Year By Rael Isacowitz
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    Happy New Year By Rael Isacowitz

    When I went to see the surgeon for a pre-operation examination. I told him that in December I taught 2 high level programs (Master l and ll), I did 3 huge photoshoots of all the Mentor, Master l and ll material (400+ exercises), of course practiced Pilates and achieved some of my best times on a standup paddleboard – he looked at me and said, “…and why are we doing surgery”? In all honesty after surviving the 5-day grueling photoshoot of the Master l and ll exercises I did start wondering about postponing the surgery. Adelle also started “interrogating” me as to the reasons I am doing the surgery. My answer, “If I can get the anatomy of my shoulder back to 95%, I can get my work back to 100%”. Well the truth is 100% is relative. I am not going to be 100% of a 40 or 50-year-old person, but I can be 100% of a 62-year-old person with compromised shoulders.