1. For the Love of Pilates - Thank you!
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    For the Love of Pilates - Thank you!

    When you hear the word symposium or conference, the normal inclination is to dread the long periods of sitting and visualising death by power-point. This event was different – very different. “The BASI family”, a term we often refer to, to express how supportive and close-knitted we all are although scattered all over the world. This Symposium was indeed like a reunion of brothers and sisters.

  2. LFTL, SA Impressions
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    LFTL, SA Impressions

    Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa to attend the Learn from the Leaders Symposium held in Pretoria. I am so grateful I had this opportunity and I truly believe that the BASI South Africa team put together a very memorable event. I can only imagine,how much effort, time and dedication was put out there in order to organize everything. And, I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this happen.

  3. A Country Divided, A Community Divided
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    A Country Divided, A Community Divided

    Whatever side of the political spectrum you sit, no one can deny the “tribalism” that exists in America today. We have been forced to take sides and have been driven to the extremes of those sides. It is with sadness that I observe that the Pilates community is a microcosm of the tribalism we see in politics.

  4. An Interview with Sheri Long
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    An Interview with Sheri Long

    Most importantly never stop learning, I will always be a student first and a teacher second.