Pilates Wunda Chair Double Feature

Color: Pilates Wunda Chair

Rael Isacowitz • Intermediate BASI Flow Series™ • Advanced BASI Flow Series™

Explore the world of apparatus and get a whole-body butt kicking with a true Pilates master. Rael Isacowitz's newly released double set offers two Chair workouts. The first is an intermediate session, in which he guides student Lisa Clayton with a stability ball and a bar for balance as she performs challenging chair-based moves such as Standing and Full Pike, Footwork (with single-leg work), and glutes and triceps exercises. The workout concludes with Stretch, Swan, Child's pose, Upstretch and Roll-down. Isacowitz peppers thoughtful comments throughout. For example, he emphasizes the significance of the all-important pelvis: Keep it solid, square and stable and advises you to immerse yourself in the workout body, mind and spirit. The second workout, taped live and uncut, will inspire you to improve your practice as Isacowitz himself demonstrates difficult moves like Side Pike, Pushups and Side Stretch with rotation and Leg Lift. The man is a wonder to watch.

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