Avalon Movement Analysis Workbook


Published in 2012. The Avalon System® is a unique range of Pilates equipment, distinguished by its new and highly-adjustable resistance mechanism. Not only does the Avalon System add resistance to apparatus, such as the Step Barrel, which did not have it before, but the resistance can be adjusted incrementally and accurately over a very wide range to target specific muscles and to accommodate different body dimensions.

The Avalon System supports both the full classic Pilates repertoire and an entirely new repertoire of exercises, based on the exceptional functionality of the equipment.

The Avalon Movement Analysis Workbook offers a huge range of repertoire, in a wide variety of positions,
for all parts of the body, on both the Avalon Step Barrel and Avalon Chair. Since my early days of studying and practicing Pilates, I have not been as inspired and stimulated as I have been working on the Avalon. The possibilities are simply infinite, from the most basic to the acrobatic movements!

Rael Isacowitz, Designer of the Avalon, Founder of BASI Pilates.

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