Examination Process

All students attending US-based Mat and Comprehensive Programs will be tested at Centralized Testing locations. Travel and accommodation expenses may apply if attending a Centralized Testing location or testing outside of the US. Students testing outside of the US, please scroll down for more information.

Space is limited and time slots WILL sell out. Please register early to ensure your spot! More testing dates will be added as necessary, please check back.

Currently scheduled Centralized Testing:


February 8-9, 2020: Newport Beach, CA- Saturday is full. Spots still open on Sunday.

May 16, 2020: Herndon, VA

July 11, 2020: University Place, WA

Oct 10-11, 2020: Newport Beach, CA

Teaching Evaluations and Practical Examinations are conducted at the above locations and proctored by select qualified BASI Principle and Senior Faculty.


This link will take you to a MindBody Registration page. Please scroll down to see available locations, time slots and to register. Please note: You will need to create an account in MindBody in order to register.

For those students interested in scheduling a Teaching Evaluation only or Practical Examination only during the above final testing dates, please contact BASI Headquarters directly at 949-574-1343 and be prepared to secure your final testing with payment.

Please contact BASI Pilates with any questions or concerns.

Eligibility Requirements

BASI Students (US and outside of US) are eligible to sign up for the Final Teaching Evaluation and Final Practical Exam following the completion of the requirements below:

  • Attending all the Modules
  • Score of 70% or higher on the online Written Exam(s)
  • Completion of Observation, Self Practice, and Student Teaching Hours
  • Submission of Student Paper (Comprehensive students only)

Hours are to be completed or nearly complete prior to testing. Hours should be logged online, through your Student Dashboard, or on the Tracking Forms and submitted via fax, email, mail prior to testing, or hand-delivered on the day of the exam. Please be sure to print your name on all pages of your Tracking Forms and to total each category.

Email submissions: student@basipilates.com

Fax submissions: 949-642-8139

Mail submissions: 20361 Irvine Ave B3, Newport Beach, CA 92660


Final Testing consists of a Teaching Evaluation and Practical Exam. These components offer an inside look into the student's practical and teaching skills.

Mat Students: the Teaching Evaluation for Mat students consists of teaching four (4) exercises, at random, from the Mat repertoire to another mat student or to a small group.

Mat Students: the Practical Exam for Mat students consists of a demonstration of four (4) Mat movements. These movements will represent repertoire taught in Modules 1 through 6.

Comprehensive Students: the Teaching Evaluation for Comprehensive students consists of a one-hour session for the student to structure an appropriate session for an assigned client. Clients will be of an intermediate level with minimum to no physical restrictions and provided by the studio hosting Final Testing. The structure of the session is at the discretion of the student, but must be limited to the repertoire taught within the modules of the course.

Comprehensive Students: the Practical Exam for Comprehensive students consists of a demonstration of four (4) separate Pilates movements. One of the movements will be from the Mat repertoire while the other three movements will utilize various Pilates apparatus. All movements are arbitrarily chosen and assigned from Modules 1 through 12.

Both exams are graded according to criteria as outlined in the student download section on a pass or non-pass basis. Additional time is provided following the exam to obtain feedback, which can be done either privately or within the group. Final grades are emailed to each individual student no later than thirty (30) days following the exam date.


*All Testing Fees are non-refundable and in US Dollar.

Program Fee
Comprehensive $250
Mat $150
If a student of either the Mat or Comprehensive Programs do not pass the Teaching Evaluation or Practical Exam or both, the following retesting fees will apply:
Program Practical Teaching Both
Comprehensive $100 $200 $250
Mat $100 $100 $150

There is no additional charge to retake the online Written Exam(s) of any program. Students can take this exam as many time to pass.

Students testing outside of the US: testing fees may vary depending on the licensed territory. Please contact the Administrator in your licensed territory for eligibilty requirements and testing fees. Additional fees may apply if you test outside of your host studio and if you do not pass the first time.

Students who are under the BASI Headquarters umbrella US, will follow the testing fees listed above for either Mat or Comprehensive Programs. Contact Kristen (Head of Student Affairs) at kristen@basipilates.com to schedule your testing reservation and to make payment. Testing is scheduled during the Comprehensive Global Program when faculty is present to facilitate the exams.

We encourage all students to be prepared for the examination process. US students, please utilize the online registration available. After selecting a location, date and specific time, payment will be required to reserve a spot. Students outside of the US, please contact the Administator in your licensed territory to schedule your exams. Testing Fees are non-refundable. If a student is unable to attend, for any reason, they will need to re-register and re-submit payment.

Please contact BASI Pilates with any questions, concerns or any additional information.