Advanced and Continuing Education

BASI instills in every student a lifelong thirst for continuing education. One of our most important missions is to encourage Pilates teachers to commit to furthering their education throughout their careers. Open to all Pilates professionals regardless of their original training. BASI Pilates Advanced and Continuing Education programs ensure everyone the opportunity to stay on the leading edge of the Pilates Method. We work with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to ensure that our program participants earn PMA Continuing Education Credits (CECs) whenever possible.

BASI PILATES ADVANCED EDUCATION We always encourage professionals to progress through the advanced programs. Following the Comprehensive Program is the challenging Legacy Program with Rael. This program consists of the Mentor, Master I, Master II and Honors Programs. Upon completion, a certificate is issued for Legacy Program. BASI Pilates Advanced and Continuing Education provides professionals with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Pilates for:

Specific purposes Specific population groups Anatomical focus on specific body parts Advanced repertoire on all apparatus Teaching practices and methodologies

Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to:

  • Learn from industry leaders in their field
  • Enhance your knowledge of Pilates
  • Some Workshops approved by the PMA for CECs
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