The Ultimate Pilates Session: Reformer, Wunda Chair and Mat

Presenter: Rael Isacowitz

This workshop has been presented with resounding success to large audiences at conferences in the USA, Australia and South Africa and in smaller forums around the globe. Pilates offers wide variety: a vast array of exercises, as well as a broad range of apparatus. Choosing exercises and apparatus wisely is one of the keys to success.

At times the Reformer will be the apparatus of choice, and at times the Wunda Chair, and the Mat Work is always an underlying theme from which all the repertoire emanates. It is important to know when to choose each piece - their unique qualities and their key attributes. Although very different, these standard pieces of Pilates apparatus (the Mat included) actually complement each other well in many ways. Together, they create the ultimate blend.

 This workshop is approved by the PMA for 5 CECs.

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The Ultimate Pilates Session: Reformer, Wunda Chair and Mat Program Structure

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    This one-day workshop is 6 hours in length, plus a one hour lunch break.