Bali Retreat - Michael King Workshops

This 3 Day Workshop includes 4 mini workshops each day with a variety of topics, all presented by the renowned Michael King.

Please view each day's Overview below for more information on the actual topics and schedule. 

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  1. Program Structure

Bali Retreat - Michael King Workshops Program Structure

  1. Day One

    1.  MasterClass: Etude (60 Mins)

    Michael King is known for his creative Pilates Based Matwork which combine motivating music with dynamic Pilates based sequences. In this session Michael focus´s on rotational work and explores the possibilities on combing standing Pilates with mat based movements in one movement sequence.

    2.  Workshop: Assessment (120 Mins)

    The most important thing is the client and not the movements and Michael cover on this first part of the three-day workshop his method of active assessment and of the programming of the clients session. Using movements and not static testing so the client does not know they are being assessed with give you the base line for the start of the programme design

    3.  Workshop: The Foot Series (120 Mins)

    Since starting Pilates in 1979 Michael has had the opportunity to study and take class with many of the different Pilates elders and in this session he will explain how he brings in different elements he learnt from each of them with breath and positioning and also some of the creative choreographic variations that will add to your Foot Series repertoire.

    4.  MasterClass: SOLFEGGIO (60 Mins)

    In this session Michael leads a session focusing on stretching and breathing, using dynamic and static stretching put together with some very special music CD called 'Solfeggio.' Solfeggio are a series of tones or frequencies thought lost centuries ago — they are believed to possess tremendous healing and spiritual properties. The original Solfeggio frequencies were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants and these frequencies were thought to be capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to a state of perfection. Vibration is everything. And every vibration has its own frequency. By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies, it is said you can achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing. The Solfeggio frequencies are thought to align you with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe.

  2. Day Two

    1.  MasterClass: FLOOR BARRE (60 Mins)

    Experience the MK Pilates Floor Barre, movements combing Ballet Floor work, and Pilates Movements giving you a great creative workout bring the best of Pilates and Dance together.

    2.  Workshop: CENTRE WORK (120 Mins)

    We continue the journey of the method and look into the centre section of the repertoire where both mobility, flexibility work is combined with strengthening work and starting from the Shoulder Bridge we can begin to add variations of the traditional series bringing in the latest research to adapt positions to the needs of todays postural challenges.

    3.  Workshop: Long & Short Box Repetiore (120 Mins)

    Michael looks covers the movements and his variations of the box repertoire, use of the springs and also ago variations of breath patterns to both help and challenge the clients.

    4.  MasterClass: Matwork Foundation Class (60 Mins)

    Whether you are an experienced Pilates practitioner or a new person coming to the method for the first time this "back to the basics" session is where you remind your body of the principles of Pilates . Strip everything back to the position and start building again from the inside out.

  3. Day Three

    1.  MasterClass: Pilates with restistance (60 Mins)

    Using the unique Svetlus bands and some fun and creative partner work this session is about how to bring you reformer work to the Matwork studio. Look at balancing sessions with enough muscle group integration work and stretching and how we are only challenged by imagination when it comes to programming.

    2.  Workshop: Reformer standing Work (120 Mins)

    This session is aimed at the advanced client who has the ability to challenge balance and stability and with the different use of the springs

    3.  Workshop: reformer CHOREOGRAPHY (120 Mins)

    Michael teaches you some of his sequenced reformer combinations including his stylised jumping work using the foot bar instead of the jump board to bring in extra proprioceptive challenge.

    4.  MasterClass: Spirals (60 Mins)

    A great way to finish the three days with this fun and motivating class which focuses on mobility and flexibility and uses dynamic movements set to fun and invigorating music. Celebrate movement and the most important thing we have in life which is the ability to move our body