ProBridge Graduate

The ProBridge Graduate Program follows the ProBridge Foundation Program

The Graduate Program provides a thorough and comprehensive education in Pilates covering the full range of Pilates equipment. This program follows the same condense, intensive format as the Foundation ProBridge Program.

Students who sign up for both the ProBridge Foundation and the Graduate Programs, at the same time receive a $200 discount on the ProBridge Graduate Program Fee.

The ProBridge Programs have been approved for 36 CECs by the PMA. Students must attend both Foundation and Graduate Programs to receive CECs.

We welcome students who have completed the BASI Comprehensive Program to Audit and experience an intense review of the work they did previously. Clarification of nuances of movement allows BASI graduates or current Comprehensive students to revisit the original material without the stress, and hone their existig skills.


The ProBridge Program is open to any Pilates professional whose qualifications are deemed sufficient by BASI Pilates. The ProBridge Program is also open to all graduates of the BASI Comprehensive Program.

Students must provide documentation of successful completion from a recognized Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. The program must be a minimum of 450 hours, including training on all apparatus. Online training is not acceptable. The previous training must have included a practical assessment of movement and teaching skills. The director of the training program must have had a minimum of ten years teaching Pilates at the time of training.

List of Approved Pilates Education Programs

Please review our Refund Policy before registering for a program (may not apply to Licensee territories).

Program schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.

*All fees are in U.S. Dollars.

Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to:

Create comprehensive and safe Pilates programs, tailored to individual needs Use the BASI® Block System to successfully administer individual and group sessions Analyze and understand the Pilates exercises, based on anatomical and biomechanical principles Use the full line of major Pilates apparatus, including the revolutionary F2® System

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ProBridge Graduate Program Structure


    Topics covered will include imbalance in strength and flexibility, functional exercises and movement patterns. In addition, a look at the hip joint, knee joint and ankle complex as well as an examination of the gait cycle are included. Repertoire includes intermediate/advanced Mat, Reformer and Wunda Chair. A one-hour mat class will be given. Total of 6 hours class time is provided.


    Topics covered will include the shoulder complex, correct mechanics, dysfunction and injury. In addition, principles of training, appropriate level of repertoire and working with a broad range of clients will be offered and discussed. Repertoire includes intermediate to advanced Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac, Avalon® Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel. A one-hour mat class will be given. Total of 6 hours class time is provided.


    Topics covered will include a look into specific populations requiring specialized sessions. Various groups will be discussed with a special look at the athlete and populations with restrictions. Habitual movement patterns, imbalances, teaching methodology as well the differences of working with women versus men will all be reviewed. Repertoire includes intermediate/advanced Reformer, Wunda Chair, Avalon® Step and Ladder Barrel. A one-hour mat class will be given. Total of 6 hours class time is provided.

Tuition & Fees

Total Tuition $1499

*Deposit $400

*Admin Fee $100 (non-refundable)

*Outstanding Tuition $999

All program fees are due 10 business days prior to the start of the program.

DISCOUNT: when you sign up for both programs (Foundation and Graduate) at the same time with a $1000 deposit, $200 will be discounted off the Graduate Program price.

*Additional Fees*

Pilates Interactive Monthly Subscription - Pro Version $10 USD/ month

Studio Fees for Observation, Self-Practice, Student Teaching (We suggest to contact the studio where you will be obtaining your hours for more information)

Testing Fees: Final Practical Exam and Final Teaching Evaluation- $250 (Go to Examination Process for more information) *Travel expenses and accommodations to a Centralized Testing location may apply.

**All fees in US Dollars**

Teaching Credential

In order to receive a BASI Comprehensive Certificate, ProBridge students must complete both the Foundation and Graduate ProBridge Programs.

After the completion of both programs, students are required to pass:

Final Written Exam (available online at the end of Day 6)

Final Practical Exam

Final Teaching Evaluation

Please note: the Final Practical Exam and Final Teaching Evaluation are taken at a Centralized Testing Location. Testing fees apply. Centralized Testing does not apply to programs outside the US.

Those who do not go through the testing process may request a Letter of Attendance