Find & Fix Movement Faults

Teaching exercises is easy, teaching exercises well and making the right decision for your client really distinguishes an average instructor from a great instructor. Often as an instructor you'll look at a movement and realize that something is not right, but what? And more importantly, how to correct it? This 6 hour workshop serves as an introduction to identifying common faulty movement patterns and how to correct them by applying simple retaining strategies.

The following will be covered in the workshop:

  • What is a "normal" movement at a specific joint (neck, shoulder, lower back, hip)
  • Identify faulty movement patterns
  • Identify which muslces are responsible and which to focus on
  • Look at different retraining strategies
  • Learn how to apply the retraining strategies to correct the faulty movement pattern

This workshop will give you the practical tools to apply to your clients' program the very next day and to look at movement from a very different angle.

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Find & Fix Movement Faults Program Structure

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