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The Art of Creating a Pilates Business
Costa Mesa, CA

Presenter: Stella Hull-Lampkin

Whether you are new to the profession of Pilates or have been established, this workshop will help you improve your business skills. This is an interactive workshop with lots of discussion and role-playing to help establish and fine tune your skills. Discussion to include topics such as being independent or part of an existing business, employee vs. independent contractor, basic components of a business plan, the importance of marketing, and determining who your target customer is. The goals are to help you become a better Pilates instructor and to help you build a business.

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The early bird price of $199 for this workshop has been extended. The full price is $249.

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  • Mike


    I'm so glad that I was able to attend Stella's workshop. I went in with a mentality "if this can save me from one mistake, it is worth it" to leaving thinking "wow, I learned so much that I didn't know or didn't even think about before and now I am even more motivated to open a studio!". The workshop was the perfect size, and we went thru a lot of material but had a lot of fun the entire time. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants or is thinking about opening a studio or who just wants to know more about the "art" going on behind the scenes. :) Fight On!
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  • Leah

    Looking forward to the online downloads and access to the information as you gather more!
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  • Lori

    Super beneficial and helpful in identifying areas I can improve on for educating myself to become a better businesswoman in my career. I learned a great deal in Stella's workshop for Pilates professionals. I was happy to share positive and negative experiences in the business workshop about companies and clients that served as stronger tools for growth in my years of teaching and inspiring people to move functionally in their bodies.
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  • Samantha

    The course subject matter was excellent! The variety of topics, beginning with a business plan, all the way through to setting up your studio, hiring employees, training, and a marketing overview, really gave everyone an idea or glimpse into the vast amount of planning necessary.

    The written material was well prepared and helpful. I love that Stella gave everyone "homework" (a 30 and 60 day action plan to prepare for themselves).

    We covered so much, yet there could be another one, two or three more such seminars put on by Stella that would narrow in on specific topics involving the business of Pilates. I would attend these if available.

    Thank you!
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