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The Scapulohumeral Rhythm, Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Impingement and Pilates
Berlin, Germany

Presenter: Karen Clippinger, MSPE

The shoulder is a muscle-dependent joint that relies on balanced strength, flexibility and activation of its association muscles for optimal function. Many Pilates programs focus on the large muscles of the shoulder with inadequate emphasis on the small muscles of the scapula and the rotator cuff that are key for detailed technique and injury prevention. This workshop will focus on these small but very important muscles. It is designed to increase your understanding of and ability to recognize coordinated and disrupted movement between the scapula and upper arm (scapulohumeral rhythm). These concepts will then be applied to classical and novel Pilates exercises that are vital for promoting a healthy scapulohumeral rhythm, as well as working with clients with shoulder impingement and rotator cuff problems.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

1)      Understand the basic etiology of rotator cuff tears, shoulder bursitis, as well as primary and secondary impingement syndromes.

2)      Understand the importance of and be able to identify the optimal scapulohumeral rhythm associated with raising the arms overhead.

3)      Be able to identify common errors such as excessive scapular elevation, scapular winging, and delayed scapular upward rotation.

4)      Be able to perform and provide effective cues for proper execution of selected classical and novel Pilates exercises for the muscles of the scapulae and rotator cuff.

5)      Understand how to design a balanced Pilates program for the shoulder with particular emphasis on maintaining or restoring optimal function of the muscles of the scapulae and rotator cuff.

The workshop's language is English.

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