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Innovations in Pilates
Innovations in Pilates

Anthony will teach on the following topics from his book:

The Philosophy of Joseph Pilates-the influence of early Greek philosophy on his work, his interest in stretching and recent developments in the Pilates community

The “Core strength” movement and its relationship to flexibility development. The implications of this for current Pilates teachers

Postural alignment and its relationship to Pilates and flexibility, and what this means for the Pilates teacher in his or her practice. How to improve the long term posture of your clients safely and effectively.

Biomechanics and neurophysiology of stretching

Teaching effectively-palpation, cueing, adjustment techniques and three dimensional movement correction.

Practical sessions on major stretches from Innovations in Pilates including; the feet, calves, hamstrings, adductors, quadriceps, hip flexors, Gluteals. The trunk in all planes, arms, shoulders and neck.

Clinical approaches to Innovations in Pilates-how, when and why to introduce TMS to your work. Case study examples.

Well-being Pilates class design.

It is going to be a weekend jam-packed with information designed to inform, improve and challenge the way that you think about and teach your Pilates work.



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