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Centralized Testing
Centralized Testing, Chicago, IL - Mat Only

All students attending US-based Comprehensive (CTTC) and Mat (MTTC) Teacher Training Courses are tested centrally

Both practical examinations and teaching evaluations are conducted at the above locations and proctored by BASI founder Rael Isacowitz and/or Director of Education Constance Holder.

Host locations will arrange clients for students to work with during the Teaching Evaluation process. In addition, the host will provide recommendations for airport, lodging and transportation closest to the studio.

Please contact BASI headquarters to schedule your testing.

Testing Fees

Course Practical TeachingEvaluation Both
CTTC $100 $200 $250
MTTC $100 $100 $150

Separate fees will apply if it is necessary for a student (of either the CTTC or the MTTC) to retake either the Final Practical or the Teaching Evaluation.

There will be no additional charge to retake the Final Written exam of either the CTTC or the MTTC.

Program Schedule

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