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Video Gallery

Two New Pro Bridge Mat Classes are now available! Check out the promo video below:

Watch BASI teachers and students in action in these selections from our enormous video archive

BASI's educational activities are documented in a comprehensive video archive. covering virtually the entire BASI exercise repertoire, online workshops, mat classes, student testimonials and a lot more.

Browse the videos here or check out our online workshops , Pilates Interactive and YouTube collection.

Mat Classes

Once purchased, you will have access to downloadable files that you can play on your computer or tablet device. Due to the video size and length, we do not recommend viewing on a mobile phone.

ProBridge Mat Class Day 1, (Cost Mesa Jan 2014) with Rael Isacowitz

ProBridge Mat Class Day 2, (Costa Mesa Jan 2014) with Rael Isacowitz

Pilates for Men Mat Class with Rael Isacowitz

Online Workshops

Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle
: Full 8-hour workshop with Rael Isacowitz 

Special workshops created by Rael Isacowitz for the PMA: 
Achieving the Athletic Edge with Pilates  and 
Scapular Stabilization via the Mat with Small Props  
Form and Function with Rael Isacowitz

Jumpboard Dynamics with Cindy Reid

Pilates for Men with Rael Isacowitz


Video Gallery

Highlights from Learn From the Leaders BASI in Buenos Aires, October 2012 The importance of being present Learn from the Leaders, 2013
Hip Circles Prep, Summer 2012 Mat Class Seen Around the World  Semi-Circle, Reformer, Summer 2012 Shoulder Press, Reformer
Building a Career in Pilates Roll Up, Summer 2012 The Breath Pattern Hanging Front
Reformer Teaser Long Box Series About ProBridge (English & German) Introduction to Pilates Interactive Leg Pull Front, Avalon Step Barrel
Ankle Weights Forward and Lift Gluteals Side Lying Series Pilates for Kids: A BASI Pilates workshop Students Discuss a Weekend with Rael Rael in Latino America