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Laura Denham-Jones Graduate

Laura Denham-Jones

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I came to Pilates via ballet and yoga (which I practiced while studying for a degree in Performing Arts in the mid 1980s) and competitive running. After a long career stint working in media jobs, these passions eventually became full-time professional pursuits. I initially completing Ashtanga yoga teacher training in 2001 in San Francisco and later began studying apparatus Pilates with Amit Younger of Pilates Performance at the Royal Academy of Dance, London, where I was inspired to complete my Body Arts and Science Pilates Mat Work teaching certification.

An avid runner for over 20 years, I have completed 6 marathons and love introducing athletes to the fabulous tools of Pilates. I have contributed to "Runners World" , "Health and Fitness", "Yoga Magazine" "Zest" magazine and "The Evening Standard" and have been featured in New Zealand's "Fitness Life" and Sweden's "Fitness" magazine.