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When you train as a Pilates teacher with BASI, you join a lifelong professional support network

For many students, graduating from the teacher training course is only the beginning of the journey. As you build your Pilates career, and even when you are well-established, it's good to have people around you for assistance and support.

BASI graduates are automatically members of the BASI network, a web of professionals that can provide contacts, help energize your business and nourish you when you are feeling low.

By staying in touch with fellow BASI graduates you can:

  • Find jobs and other career opportunities
  • Market your business through word of mouth
  • Participate in joint activities
  • Receive answers to professional questions
  • Develop as a Pilates professional and help others develop

But first, you should sign up to this site (if you aren't already registered) and get yourself listed in the Graduates directory.


News, views, opinions, experiences, fun stuff and even a little gossip - it's all in the BASI Blog. Stay in touch and up to date.

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Job Board

Find a job or advertise a position. Our Job Board gives you exclusive access to the finest repository of Pilates teaching talent in the world - BASI Pilates graduates.

TitleJob TypeDate Posted
Pilates Instructor
Part Time07/07/2014
Pilates Instructor
Orange, California
Part Time Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor
George Erb Fitness Center Camarillo, California
Part Time06/30/2014
Clubsport Oregon (Portland, area)
Full Time06/13/2014

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A comprehensive listing of BASI staff, faculty, hosts and graduates.

Basi Bloggers

News, views, opinions, experiences, fun stuff and even a little gossip - it's all in the BASI Blog. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a BASI blogger.

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Rewards Club

BASI appreciates your loyalty - and we reward it. All BASI courses booked online and all online purchases receive BASI Reward Points, which you can use for future purchases.

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