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The BASI Edge

Joseph Pilates certified only two teachers during his lifetime (Kathy Stanford-Grant and Lolita San Miguel).

Today, tens of thousands of Pilates practitioners are teaching the method across the globe, spurred by the unprecedented growth of Pilates in the past two decades. Many of them are true professionals; but there are many others with dubious or non-existent credentials, who have taken advantage of the unregulated nature of the discipline.

Pilates enthusiasts must be able to trust the legitimacy and caliber of their Pilates instructors. Likewise, those aspiring to practice the method professionally must have the confidence of knowing that the educational program they choose will provide them with a successful and enduring career path.

No program is more trusted than that offered by BASI Pilates®.

Since 1989, BASI founder Rael Isacowitz has been training Pilates teachers in his own image: passionate, dedicated, highly skilled and deeply committed to the Pilates ethos of ensuring happiness through physical fitness.

These are the qualities that distinguish the BASI educational programs.

At the heart of the BASI Pilates method is the Block System®, a structured means of classifying and combining the hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. The Block System ensures the progressive structuring of classes within a flexible framework, creating sessions that are balanced, well-rounded and which address all planes of movement and multiple muscle groups.

All BASI Pilates courses, from teacher training to specialized Advanced Education Courses, are based on established and tested curricula of studies, designed or approved by Rael Isacowitz. A BASI education, taught by any member of faculty and anywhere in the world, is always a BASI education: structured, detailed and thorough.

The Avalon System
The BASI Pilates repertoire includes over 80 exercises on the Avalon® System, the most significant advance in apparatus design since the days of Joseph Pilates. No other study program teaches work on the Avalon, which adds resistance to apparatus that did not have it previously, expands the resistance mechanisms of other pieces and, for the first time, creates a universal standard for spring settings.

BASI Pilates has a select faculty of some 30 highly-trained and experienced teachers, with a combined total of over 400 years of Pilates experience between them. The faculty is diverse, eclectic and multicultural, with teachers coming from different backgrounds – such as dance, academia, physical therapy and martial arts – and from numerous countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Greece, Japan, China, South Africa and Israel.

Study Materials
BASI Pilates courses are fully supported by in-depth printed and electronic materials, including study guides, movement analysis workbooks and DVDs. In addition, BASI students receive credits for the use of Pilates Interactive, the unique online teaching resource, with hundreds of exercises, workouts and instructional tutorials in high-quality video.

Advanced Education
BASI Pilates offers a formal program of specialization for Pilates professionals, enabling them to both stay on the cutting edge of Pilates education and gain expertise in new, and lucrative, areas of Pilates specialization.