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Advanced Education

One of our favorite sayings is from the author Arthur Koestler: “Creativity is when the teacher and the pupil are the same person.”

That is something we live by at BASI Pilates®. Our mission is to produce Pilates teachers who never stop learning. As Rael often says, earning your Pilates teaching credentials is only the beginning of the journey; after that, the real learning begins – through experience, contact with people and regular polishing of your skills and knowledge.

BASI Pilates provides a structured program of Advanced Education to ensure that every BASI graduate has the opportunity to continue growing within the profession. That is the secret of our creativity: the best BASI teachers are also eternal pupils.

The Advanced Education program is designed for all Pilates professionals who want to stay on the cutting edge of the method. Having entered the mainstream, Pilates is now being exposed to a wide cross-section of people and is increasingly used for specialized  purposes.

BASI Pilates Advanced Education provides professionals with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in:
    •    Pilates for specific purposes;
    •    Pilates for specific population groups;
    •    Anatomical focus on specific parts of the body
    •    Advanced Pilates repertoire on all apparatus
    •    Teaching practices and methodologies

Advanced Education in provided in two formats:
    •    Certificate courses
    •    Workshops

BASI's participation in international symposiums and conferences also fall under Advanced Education.

BASI works with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) to ensure that program participants earn PMA Continuing Education Credits (CECs) wherever possible.

The BASI Pilates Advanced Education program is designed for, and open to, all professionals, irrespective of their original certification.


Certificate Courses

Full-length (minimum three days,) in-depth courses on major areas of Pilates focus. Presented by recognized experts in their fields, the courses are located in Costa Mesa and BASI host studios around the world.

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One or two-day introductions to the full gamut of subjects in the Advanced Education program. Workshops are presented by members of the BASI faculty or guest teachers and take place in BASI host studios.

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