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Enrolling in a teachers training course can be intimidating. Many people are nervous about taking such a step and are anxious about getting everything right.

The information on this page is intended to tell you everything you need to know about the process and put your mind at rest.


Q:  I just started Pilates 1-2 months ago. Am I a good candidate for participating in the Comprehensive Teacher Training Course or do I need more experience?

A:  Individuals coming with movement experience may seem to progress more quickly through the practical portion.  However, regardless of experience, “every body” has the opportunity of benefiting greatly from the qualities the BASI program contains, if they apply themselves.

Q:  How can I compete my 100 hours of observation if there are not many BASI Pilates instructors for me to watch in my location?

A:  We hope each BASI student will be have the opportunity to work directly with BASI graduates and instructors.  However, we are delighted for BASI students to apply one half of the required 100 hours to viewing Pilates Interactive.  Working with this BASI approved online software will provide the BASI student a studio experience including detailed instruction and viewing options.

Q:  How many hours of self-practice are expected of me?

A:  The BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Course requires completion of 200 hours of self practice.  This practice is invaluable for integrating the BASI work into your body.  Hours can be a combination of individual, semi, or group classes. The BASI Mat Teacher Training Course requires 40 hours of self practice. Whether you are a Comprehensive or Mat student, practice should be done throughout the course, and thereon.  You cannot teach something you do not know and you cannot know it unless you commit to ongoing practice.

Q:  If I register for a course and cannot attend, do I get my money back?

A:  If you decide to cancel before the course begins, we will retain the $50 administrative fee.  If you cancel during, or immediately following Module 1, we will retain the amount of $500 and return all other monies paid toward the course. The five Movement Analysis Work Books and Study Guide are yours to keep.  However, no refunds will be issued after the beginning of Module 2.

Q:  What happens if I miss a Module? 

A:  It is acceptable to miss up to two modules and continue with the course.  You are encouraged to make up these modules at another location (at no additional cost) as soon as possible to keep you on track.  Arrangements for make up can be arranged through BASI Headquarters.

Q:  What happens if I miss the day of the exam?

A:   All testing in the US is done centrally and dates are announced in advance. If you are unable to attend one of the dates you selected, you can arrange to take the exams in another location of your choosing. Outside the US, testing is done during the last modue of the course. 

Q:  What is the format of the midterm and final exams?

A:  Written: Multiple choice 
     Practical: Demonstration of three or four exercises from the course

Q:  Is there a payment plan?

A:  BASI Pilates is pleased to offer a convenient payment plan for our Comprehensive Teacher Training Course and offer the following structure:

$500.00 non-refundable deposit ($50 registration fee + $450 toward tuition)
$1495.00 1st installment payment due 10 days prior to Module 1
$1100.00 2nd installment payment due 10 days prior to Module 4
$1100.00 Final installment payment due 10 days prior to Module 7

The Mat Teacher Training Course must be paid in full at time of enrollment.

Q:  I have completed the Mat Teacher Training Course and want to take the Comprehensive Teacher Training Course. Will I receive a discount on tuition? 

A:  Absolutely.  We often have students transfer from the Mat training into the full Comprehensive Course and we are delighted to discount the tuition to $3,400.

Q:  I have completed another organization’s training. Do you have a bridge program?

A:  Graduates from courses recognized by BASI are invited to register for ProBridge, the BASI professional bridging course. Alternately, previously trained Pilates professionals receive a significant financial discount on the CTTC.  The tuition for individuals who provide acceptable proof of previous Pilates teacher training courses is $3,400 and observation, self practice and teacher training hours are amended on a case by case basis.

Q:  How long does it take to complete the requirements of the course?

A:  In most BASI Host locations the modules are spread out over a three to five month period. Students generally take between four months and one year to complete their hours of observation and student teaching after Module 12. However, there is no penalty for taking longer.

Q:  Can I do a few Modules in one location and a few in another location?

A:  We are happy to accommodate someone who begins in one BASI Host location and then needs to transfer to another, as long as the modules are taken in order. 

Q:  What happens if I get pregnant or injured during the course?

A:  We can suspend your training at any time and resume the course when appropriate.  BASI reserves the right to request a doctor’s release prior to your return where appropriate.  Tuition fees will be held and applied when you return to the course.

Q:  What happens if I don’t pass my exams?

A:  If you fail your Final Written or Practical Exam, it can be retaken at a later date.  Contact BASI Headquarters to make these arrangements.

Q:  What happens if I don’t pass my final teaching evaluation?

A:  Once again, you will have the opportunity of retaking this exam at a later date.  BASI Headquarters will assist you with scheduling.

Q: What is the difference between BASI Pilates and other Pilates training organizations?

A:  This is a very important question and one we are proud to outline.

The underlying philosophy of the BASI educational program is a true synthesis of the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. Combining repertoire, process and athleticism into a structured process.

BASI Pilates is a leader in the Pilates community, with a curriculum based educational program.  A contemporary approach which includes the heart of the BASI program the Block System™, offering a specialized technique for classifying and combining hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. 

BASI Pilates is a true blending of the Art and Science of human movement, relating specifically to the works of Joseph H. Pilates.  BASI Pilates honors and preserves the legacy of Joseph and Clara Pilates: presenting the original principles and repertoire (utilizing all the Pilates equipment), at the same time integrating contemporary scientific developments and evolution of the method.

BASI Pilates courses are fully supported with printed and electronic materials, including our Study Guides, six Movement Analysis Work Books and DVDs.  In addition, BASI student’s receive credits for the use of Pilates Interactive, the unique online teaching resource, with hundreds of exercises, workouts and instructional tutorials in high-quality video.  Pilates Interactive is the first of its’ kind in the world.

Outlining the unique qualities of BASI Pilates would not be complete without introducing you to the select teaching team that comprises our Faculty.  Each Faculty member is a seasoned Pilates professional who has undergone a rigorous selection process and been chosen to represent BASI due to their knowledge, passion and dedication to the work of this unique program.  With a combined total of over four hundred years of Pilates experience between them, this group of talented individuals offers the highest level of professionalism and quest for knowledge.  With varied backgrounds in movement training including dance, academia, physical therapy, martial arts, and equine training this diverse group offers a unique combination of experience and discipline.  We are extremely proud of our rich teaching team.

No program is more trusted than that offered by BASI Pilates.  We continue to set the standard of Pilates education that all other programs strive for. 

We look forward to meeting you in person soon and showing you these are not just words but a belief system backed by action.