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Continuing Education Credits

BASI Pilates does not require that its graduates pay for continuing education credits (CECs) to retain their credentials, though it is the practice of many Pilates academies to do so.

BASI trusts its graduates and it trusts the thirst for knowledge that it instills in them during their teacher training. It sees no need to apply a practice that is restrictive, largely unenforceable and, in many instances, a way of continuing to make money out of people who have already paid for their training.

The company’s trust in its students has proven to be well-placed. BASI’s Higher Education classes are invariably sold out and graduates regularly clamor for additional educational opportunities.

Though BASI does not require or issue CECs, it is a leading member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and a strong proponent of the PMA certification for Pilates teachers, and the PMA’s continuing education program.

Virtually all BASI Higher Education workshops are recognized by the PMA and other education organizations worldwide. Participants in these workshops earn PMA CECs.

Online CEC Workshops
BASI Pilates has created two online workshops specifically to benefit the PMA. Participants earn two CECs for each online workshop, and a percentage of the proceeds from the workshops are donated by BASI to the PMA in support of its mission.

(The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) requires that all PMA-certified teachers earn 16 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) every two years to retain their PMA-certified status. Ten of those hours must be from PMA-approved CEC workshops.)

The BASI online workshops are the first and, at this time, only online workshops from a Pilates education institute to be accredited by the PMA,

Each two-hour workshop includes a handout, four streaming videos (approximately 30 minutes each), and a quiz. After reviewing the handout and streaming videos, participants must complete the 16-item true/false quiz in order to receive the CEC certificate.